Monday, March 29, 2010

Spanish Brandy at Ron Burgundy's house

On Friday night, my buddy Scott invited a bunch of us over to his house. Let me first start by saying that this place almost defies description. Technically, it is his uncle's house. His uncle is a single, retired government official that got the house in the mid seventies. When I say that the place is like a time-warp, I'm not kidding. He decorated the place up until the early 80's, and hasn't updated a single thing since then. This place is amazing! The upstairs is straight out of a Miami-Vice beach condo with white curved couches, a projection tv, and gold-plated nautical themed stuff everywhere. There is a pool complete with waterslide, several concrete statues surrounding it, and literally 18 places to sit.

The basement is just another level of stupendous. I think it was designed by Ron Burgundy. The carpet had to have been taken out of the Mirage casino. There is billiards, ping pong, darts, skee-ball (yes, you read that right), a fully stocked bar, six couches (a blacklight would be a bad idea in this room) and a Christmas tree that remains fully decorated year-round. Needless to say, it is quite the place to have people over.

What to open on this special occasion? How about the bottle of Brandy that someone gave said uncle decades ago! We opened a bottle of Gran Duque d'Alba brandy, from Jerez, Spain. This comes from the same area that they make Sherry, but it's not the same stuff. It is 10 year brandy that has been aged in oloroso barrels, and taken through a solera system for consistency. I'm normally not a brandy guy, but this stuff was delicious. It had a caramel and hazelnut note to it that were silky and it went down incredibly smoothly.

If you ever see a bottle, pick it up (Retail is roughly $50), and bring it over. Ron awaits.


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