Monday, October 15, 2012

Back at it (again)

Wow. 10 months since my last post. Bad blogger, Kyle, bad blogger.

Well, in case anyone has actually been checking in on this thing, here is the skinny on what has happened since my last post:

-The Mrs is doing well- she retired from roller derby after the regular season was over, and is now working part time at Russell's Cafe in Fenton (if you haven't been, you need to go.)

-The wine charity effort last November and December was very successful. As a result, Harsha Wines donated a little over $1000 to Mission St Louis!

-My dad and I merged Harsha Wines with another company called Vintegrity ( I now run the Eastern half of Missouri for this company. My dad stepped out of wine sales altogether, and now runs a small company focused on draft (draught?) wine and beer system installations. It's pretty cool, check out

-On a personal note, our black lab Scout passed away earlier this year. To keep our other dog from being lonely, we got a new pup from Stray Rescue St Louis named Winston. He is.....full of energy.

-Now that I have a little less paperwork to do on a weekly basis, I really do plan on getting back on here and posting frequently. Let me know if you have wine topics you would like to see discussed.

Until then, cheers, and drink something good!

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