Monday, July 20, 2009

Wine, Chocolate, and an overcooked steak

This morning, I should really be blogging about the "Javalarm" coffee I just got from Quik Trip- Kind of a wierd, bitter chocolate taste to it.

Speaking of chocolate, I tried a grill rub that had some chocolate in it over the weekend. It was from Kakao, which just opened a storefront on Jefferson, near Russel. Go by there, and grab some goodies if you are local. The fare available there is decent enough, and it's good to see an independent company trying to make it "in this economy" (a term that I have started to loathe).

I also found that the chocolate grill rub goes really well on ribeyes, and matches perfectly with my wine suggestion of the day:

2005 Yalumba "Barossa" Shiraz/viognier-

This is a step up from the "Y" series wines that Yalumba makes. It is a blend that has 5% viognier (Pronounced "Vee-own-yay") co-fermented with the shiraz. "Wait a second- isn't viognier a white grape?" one might ask. Yes it is. This is a blend that was started in the Cote Rotie (northern Rhone region of France), and has become popular out of Australia, South Africa, and America. The viognier adds a bit of a floral note, and kind of fills in the gaps where a bubble gummy, spicy shiraz may be lacking. I have also heard that there is a chemical reaction that takes place when shiraz and viognier mix, resulting in a darker-colored wine. I will have to do more research, and see if it's true.

At any rate, this powerful wine expresses notes of mocha, mint, plums, chocolate covered cherries, coffee, and raspberries. It definitely calls for food, and should zing you for about $16-18 retail.

Cheers, and maybe I'll see you at the "Dorm Room Dinner" at 33 tonight!

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