Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Anatomy of a Staycation

Over the course of the last 6 days, I have discovered the benefit of a Staycation. If a vacation is where you vacate, then I figure a staycation is where you stay around. That's right, burn a few vacation days by staying at home, resting, relaxing, getting stuff done, and enjoying the city you live in. However, I have to give you a couple of tips before embarking on such a noble venture.

First of all, your body won't be ready for a staycation. I had these visions of sleeping in every day, but said visions were shattered at 7:14 am on Thursday, when my body (and subsequently my dogs) told me that it was time to "rise and shine, morning glory". Ugh.

Second of all, just because you are on staycation, the rest of the world doesn't stop for you. You will still get phonecalls from work, even though you are explicit on your voicemail that all work-related matters should be called in to some unsuspecting sap at your office. This realization came at 12:15 on Thursday. Also, these phonecalls might contain bad news, thus resulting in ordering another pint of Bud Select at Syberg's (you can drink beer at lunch on a fact, it's mandatory).

Speaking of eating lunch out, one tip for a staycation is to grocery shop beforehand. Since you are trying to somewhat save money in this situation, hitting lunch hour on your first day with nothing in the fridge won't help.

Another thing discovered on my experiment is that one goes through waves of complete slothfulness, and activity. Yes, I did hook up the old Nintendo and played Super Mario Brothers. I also got bored, got on Craigslist, bought an olympic weight set, and used it- twice!
Despite your best intentions, you won't get everything done that you want to on Staycation. That's okay, it's kid of the beauty of the thing. (Speaking of, does anyone want to mow my lawn?) There are many things that will get in the way- changing the oil, the Price is Right, spying on neighbors, and the "Big F"....Facebook.

Finally, just enjoy it. It's cheaper than going anywhere, and you can actually get your batteries recharged.

No wine reco today, I'm back at work and have to get something done!


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