Wednesday, February 10, 2010

V-Day suggestion

I hate Valentines Day. I really do. It's a shame that it takes a Hallmark-sponsored holiday to get couples to tell each other that they love their sweethearts. My contempt also comes from the fact that twice in my life, once in High School, and once in College, I was dumped on Valentines day, AFTER I had given the girl a gift. And don't get me started on Prix-fixe meals at restaurants....

Anyway, I do realize that some people love and adore this particular day, and try to be romantic. That being said, I think it's a great day to break out the Champagne. My recommendation for this year is the Jean Lallement et fils NV Brut. This is a Grand Cru Champagne from Verzenay, and is made of 80% Pinot Noir, 20 % chardonnay grapes. The total production of this winery is less than 2000 cases- Moet literally dumps more than that each year of bad product. I know it's available at the Wine Merchant, and at 33 wine bar. Your retail cost will likely be around $60.

So, pop the cork, and enjoy!


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