Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Many things going on

I'm glad I didn't blog over the weekend. On Saturday, I had a couple of posts written in my head. Mainly, they were about the following points:

1) To all small business owners- Don't forget that the very customers you complain about, are rude to, and are sending away because you are "too busy during the holidays" are the same people that put food on your table, pay your electric bills, and put shoes on your kids' feet. Don't treat them as the enemy.

2) To other small business owners- Okay, I get it. You have thoughts about politics. However, you might want to chill with them a bit on social networking sites. Don't forget that roughly 50% of the people in your shop/restaurant/building are voting for the other side. By spouting off too much, you will certainly get your viewpoint across, but also risk driving your customers across the street to your quieter, nicer competitor.

3) If you have never been to a restaurant, it's a really jerk move to go there 3 days before it closes, and write a scathing review on Yelp. That doesn't give you power, rather just makes you look arrogant, selfish, and foolish.

I'm sure if I had written the full extent of the posts I had in mind, I would have named names, or dropped big hints, and as a result probably put part of my own business at risk.

From the offices at my small company, we are proud to announce that we have officially hired our first employee in St Louis- she will be doing deliveries during the holidays, and slowly start building a sales route. We also bought a big ol' van to drive these deliveries around.

Finally, as you prepare for the holidays, check out these wines: Domaine St Vincent (delicious sparkling wine from New Mexico), Villa Creek (awesome Rhone-style blends from Paso), Hermann J Wiemer (killer whites from New York), and Pavan Moscato (the ultimate wine for guys to say "I'm sorry", "I love you", or "Let's get freaky" to the woman they love.)

That's all. Have a great week. Make sure you look at the difference between "urgent" and "important" regarding the things in your life- they often aren't the same.


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  1. I agree with all 3 of your points above, but #3 was a complete lack of class. Especially since the review on Yelp you mentioned was actually two reviews, one of a "food blogger" and the other of her boyfriend. She then went on to post her review on her blog too. Maybe I tend to be more sympathetic because I have worked for restaurants as they closed down shop, and those last few days are hard for everyone involved. What a way to kick someone when they are down!