Wednesday, September 16, 2009

just not having it

Do you ever have one of those days where you're just not having it? You wake up, and nothing is necessarily wrong, but nothing really seems right either? It's the type of day where you feel the perfect breeze and sunshine on your face as you take the bags of yard waste to the curb, but you also think about your credit card balance as you are driving to work in silence. It's the type of day where your hair actually turned out okay, but you are down to your last dress shirt that is still in season. It's the type of day where you are proud of yourself for eating healthy at lunch, but kicking yourself for the second portion of taco salad at dinner last night. You aren't happy, you aren't sad, you are just kind of......there. This, my friends, is one of those days. In this spirit of "fair to midline", I offer some tidbits of wine and restaurant stuff, as I got nothin' else-

-Its rumored that Gerard Craft of Niche fame is going to buy the Chez Leon space in the Central West End. I will be by Niche today, and will post more info if I get any.

-Speaking of the CWE, Sapphire Pan Asian closed this last weekend. Honestly, I never really liked the place. I had to say that I did, because they bought wine from me. One night, my wife and I were eating there and the food was so bad that we left our plates full, paid up, went across the street, and had dinner at Dressels.

-Jeff Stettner continues to blow people away at his monthly "Dorm Dinner Series". If you can figure out a way for a reservation, I highly recommend it- it's a lot of fun.

-If you are a fan of Cachaca (Brazillian Rum), try a new one in the market called Velho Barreiro. I know they use it in the Caipirinhas at Yemanja Brazil, and also at Coco Louco. It has a really cool, slightly sweet vanilla note to it. Atomic Cowboy carries it, and I think Eclipse might pick it up.

-I ate at Jim Fiala's new place downtown. I won't give a full review, as the place just opened- but the space is funky in a good way. It's a big, glass box with lots of sculpture art. I hope it does well for him.

-Meritage is an American term, combining the words "Merit" and "Heritage". It rhymes with Heritage, not the pseudo-french "Meri-tahje" that some people say. A Meritage is a blend of two or more Bordeaux grapes, made in America- it should be the winery's best wine, and limited to 25,000 cases or less production annually.

-The new menu at Terrene looks outstanding. I had the Shitake and Miso soup yesterday- my serving just needed a touch of salt, and was pretty darn good. I'm glad that Terrene is still kicking right along- I really like John, Sunny, Jaime, Melissa, and the rest of the folks over there.

-I don't recommend the hot wings from Papa John's. They are wierd, and don't taste very good.

I do, however, recommend the 2008 Mapema Sauvignon Blanc. I'm usually not a huge sauvy fan because a lot of them have too much acid, and taste like grapefruit (i don't like grapefruit). This one, however, has a roundness to it that is really refreshing. It should cost you about $12 retail.

Tomorrow, we talk Italy again.

Cheers, peace, and grease.

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