Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Shin of the Boot

Today, I will briefly be discussing the "shin of the boot" on the Italian Peninsula- Campania. Best known for the city of Naples, Campania is right on the Thyrennian Sea, and contains the famed Amalfi Coast. The sun-drenched vineyards contain quite a bit of volcanic material, as they lie literally in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius.
Because the days can get so hot, most of Southern Italy isn't really known for white wines. However, three of my favorite obscure Italian whites come out of this area. They are- Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo, and Falanghina. Fiano and Greco are both grown pretty near the town of Avellino. They are both dry, medium acid whites with a touch of a nutty flavor. I think that the Fiano grape tends to produce a lighter, more minerally wine. Greco, when done correctly, makes a bit richer wine that is flat out delicious. Falanghina is my favorite of the three. It is a medium weight, minerally white that can sometimes have a really cool note of ripe bananas. For any of the three, try to find wines from the producers Mastroberardino, or Feudi di San Gregorio (kind of a hippie compound of winemakers).
Campania also makes arguably the best red wine in Southern Italy- the Aglianico grape that is used to make Taurasi. These are deep, dark, rich reds with black cherry and chocolate notes that are ageable for a few years. Again, look for Mastroberardino.

That's about it on Campania- It's a small place that makes very little wine.

If you aren't watching Top Chef, you need to be. The cooking talent on the current season is ridiculous- these guys really kick ass in the kitchen.

I saw a deer get hit on the highway the other day- it didn't end well for either the deer or the car. Stupid deer.

Today's wine selection- Try Tangent Sauvignon Blanc. It is made by a group that only makes white wines, they don't make any chard, and they don't use oak anywhere in their program. Because the wines are from Central California, I can actually handle their Sauvy. It should cost around $12 retail, and is for sure available at Friar Tuck, 33, and Robust.



  1. Just a general comment, I've enjoyed reading your blog and always look forward to your posts. Your site and stlbites help keep me entertained.

  2. Thank you very much- that means a lot to me!