Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A New Venture

This post will be short today, as I am running around like a crazy man. However, I did want to let the followers of my blog know about a new venture that I am going to attempt. Basically, I want to start a beverage consulting company. Next week, the papers for incorporation of our LLC will be filed with the state of Missouri, and a subsidiary of my familiy's consulting company will be called Sip of Knowledge. Through my new company (I will keep my job with my current distributor), I will be able to do things like in-home tastings, corporate training on fine dining etiquette, sommelier services at private functions, cellar organization and valuation, restaurant wine program consulting, etc, etc, etc. I am incredibly excited about this side project, and will post more details to come. I have already been versed in such things as web design, domain names, logos, and the such- pretty crazy!

As soon as I have a website, phone number, etc set up, I will let you all know.

For today's suggestion, celebrate with me by buying a 2005 Ramey Napa Cab. I opened one yesterday, and the wine is rockin'! It should cost roughly $50 retail, but it's worth it.

Cheers, and more info to come!


  1. We needed you last Friday for our Anniversary dinner at Jasper's in Plano. Jordan tried to get me to take a photo of the wine list and email it to you! We managed, though. Congrats on the new venture.

  2. Thanks. If you need to, feel free to call me in those situations.

  3. Wow, that's awesome, congratulations!