Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's been a while

I know, I know....you have been sitting at your computer, anxiously checking every 30 minutes to see if I blogged at any time in the last week. Sorry, no such luck. Between work stuff, trying to get my fat butt in shape, and travelling to Texas for a wedding, I have neglected by dear friends here at Sippin Saint Louis.

Never fear- to soothe the pain, go out and get the 2007 Fisher Unity. I talked a while back about the '06. Forget it. The '07 smokes it. It's a good dose of cab, made by one of the most wonderful families in Napa. It is also only available in restaurants...so far I know that Eclipse, Veritas, 33, Niche, and Niche Brasserie carry it. I hope Sidney St. Cafe will soon be added to that list.

Enjoy, and cheers!

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