Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Coming along nicely

Yeah, yeah, I is still a week or so between posts. To the two or three of you that are still following this blog, I apologize. One main reason for my lack of blogging is that my new office that I got into didn't have phone or internet until yesterday (no thanks to AT&T, whom tried to sell me services that aren't even available here). At any rate, I'm up and running in that department, so posting will be much easier now.

Here's where things stand- I now have all of my licenses, so legally I can buy and sell wine. Now it's just a matter of getting contracts set up with trucking companies, getting labels registered, and getting the juice shipped. I'm fully confident that I can have wine in stock by June 30, which would be amazing! My office is fully functional now, and I am having a couch delivered this weekend for those afternoon "brainstorming sessions" that may arise. I am fairly confident that I will be carrying wines from Pietra Santa Winery in Hollister, CA, Domaine St. Vincent (2nd label of my beloved Gruet), and the wines from Ole Imports, out of New York. I have a couple of other irons in the fire, but those will be announced in due course.

So far, this has been a roller-coaster of a ride- I have sweated, cussed, laughed, almost cried, been angry, been giddy with joy, stressed, and relaxed. I'm sure that litany of emotions will continue, but it's a hell of a ride!

Tonight, I sample Domaine St Vincent. Wanna try some?


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