Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Epic" weekend

A lot of people have been using the term "epic" lately in a way to describe something that is really, really good. With that in mind, this last weekend could be truly characterized using that particular term. Friday night, my folks rolled into town, and we started off with apps and drinks at Farmhaus. The dishes were all standouts in their own way, but I truly love that chilled roast beef app. Get it, it's amazing. I also tried their cucumber martini, which was pretty refreshing- the icecubes had cucumbers in them, which was funky. Farmhaus was followed by a trip over to Five, once again for some apps and a bottle of 2007 Sandrone Barbera d'Alba- killer food, killer wine, killer restaurant. The Mrs particularly enjoyed the Rissoto Milanese- it's amazing how something so simple can be so delicious. We ended the evening with a nightcap on the patio at 33- 2004 Von Hovel Obremmeler Hutte Spatlese, if I'm not mistaken.

So, that night was amazing. The next night was a really fun one at home with the folks- patty melts and wine were on the docket, followed by an intense game of scrabble. We opened the newly released Summers Petite Syrah, and it is a very enjoyable, fruit-driven red. All of this following a typically "epic" lunch from Pappy's- the entire Adam Bomb!

We continued our ride on the epic train on Sunday with a post-church early lunch at Lilly's on Kingshighway. This is one of our favorite authentic Mexican restaurants. I tried the torta with carnitas. It was good, but no match for the one you can get at La Vallesana on Cherokee. That night, the folks left, and the wife and I made some pasta, played scrabble, and built a fire in the fire pit- great evening hanging at home.

Were we done yet? Not even close. Yesterday, a large group of friends descended upon our backyard for some Memorial Day grillin' and pork smokin' action. Several bottles of good wine were broken out- including 2005 Cadence, Copain Pinot, Kistler Pinot, and a delcious Sancerre that I can't recall the name. It was a fantastic, fun evening where nobody got too out of control, and everyone left our house full and smiling.

We are truly blessed to have such wonderful family and friends to celebrate with.


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