Monday, June 21, 2010

Fantastic weekend of wines, the beat carries on

My father claims that, whenever they have come to visit, I have never chosen a bad place to eat. The running joke is that every time they come into town, my dad claims that he has the "best thing he's ever eaten". This last weekend, my streak remained intact. Friday night, we just grilled humongous steaks at the house, and paired them with some decent wines- Domaine St Vincent bubbly, Pietra Santa Chardonnay, Sacred Stone "Cask #5", and 2004 Palladino Barolo. Not a bad line up, nor a bad way to start the weekend. My mom has a rather funny picture of my dad and I having our first Board Meeting in the office- we sat around and drank bubbly.

Saturday night pushed the line of being "epic" as described in posts past. We started at Taste by Niche, where I had some sort of Rye cocktail, and everyone else had something different. We split up some small plates, and as usual- no dogs in the bunch. I was particularly impressed with the Bruschetta with mushrooms, truffle oil, and ricotta. The journey continued onward to Ernesto's, the new joint in Benton Park. The girls had white sangria, and dad and I sucked back glasses of Decero Malbec- killer stuff. The standout nibble there was their self-proclaimed "World's Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich" with truffle fontina and mushrooms. I have a hard time disagreeing. This is where the night got borderline ugly. We rolled into Sidney St Cafe with the intention of getting a glass of wine, and a couple of apps. Two bottles of wine, and four courses later, we left- In pain. My wife had a beet risotto that was stunning, and my mom's rabbit was the best I have ever had. The wine selections of the night were Pine Ridge Merlot and Two Vines "Heretic" Syrah. Both really fun examples of their respective grapes. The plans of the night originally included a trip by either 33 wine bar, or Atomic Cowboy. Due to our state of stuffedness, we didn't make either destination (Sorry Jeff and Jim). As you can see, it was a fantastic night that I'm still partially trying to wake up from the resulting food coma.

Here at the Global Headquarters of Epiphany Wines, LLC, I'm just trying to get wineries lined up. I was on the phone today with a couple of cool projects from Paso Robles, and as soon as I get confirmation that they want to play ball, I will release names.

That's it- it's freaking hot outside. Drink Rose, and enjoy your evening.


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