Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's sad when 5 adults don't finish a rack of ribs

...This was our reaction upon trying the BBQ at the first stop of the Harsha Boys Midwest BBQ Smackdown. I had gone over to Kansas City, in hopes of trying a great BBQ restaurant with my brother, and sharing with my family. Let me start by saying that the Pig N Pit in Lees Summit was not our first choice. However, a hiway collapsed in KC this last weekend, making it virtually impossible to get from the Southeastern corner of the metroplex (where my brother lives) to anywhere else. Truth be told, I have had the sauce from Oklahoma Joe's dozens of times, but time constraints kept us from going there for the ribs. We were also kept from going to Gates n Sons, or Jack Stacks either. My brother had heard of this new place in Lee's Summit that was supposed to be really good. I don't know where he got his information, but it was incorrect.

The trip started in an innocuous manner. The Pork N Pit is located on Colbern road in a minimalistic, BBQ-Friendly environment. The 8 tables were surrounded by families obviously enjoying the meat, and the owner's eyes lit up when I told him his wares were being "pitted" (pun intended) against the best BBQ from St Louis, Murphreesboro, and Memphis. He even gave us a small sample of the brisket to try while waiting for our pulled pork, ribs, and burned ends. The brisket was tender, had a great smokiness to it, and proved to be the best thing we tried. We took the rest of the food home, and ate it there. I got a little worried about the ribs when I first opened them. They were grey, and literally fell apart when you picked them up. For you non-BBQ fanatics, this is not a good thing. "Falling off the bone" is not a good sign for quality smoked ribs. They had obviously been boiled, and then finished off briefly in a smoker. They were almost a mushy texture, and had a faint, acrid aftertaste of garlic-gone-bad. I'm not exaggerating when I say that 5 adults didn't finish a full rack. The Pulled-Pork was dry, lifeless, and didn't seem to have an ounce of fat in it. Again, not a good thing for BBQ. The sides we tried were unmemorable (the website claims to have the "best fries in the world- they aren't).

In all, if you are looking for the best BBQ in Kansas City, avoid this place. Those of you that know my style know that I very rarely tell you not to go somewhere. If you are stuck in Lees Summit, skip the Pork N Pit. Go to Holy Smoke BBQ instead- the place with easily the best beans I have ever tried.

Next post- Pappy's in Saint Louis.

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