Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NYC, other schtuff

On Monday morning, I flew to the Big Apple for an afternoon and Tuesday morning meeting with my Spanish wine supplier, Ole Imports. It was a very well run meeting, and we got to try some truly incredible wines. One of the best parts was that there were several of the winemakers there, and they were all jazzed about Spain winning the World Cup. If you are curious, look at their website to see the portfolio-

Monday night, we had a dinner/reception on the roofdeck of the Kimberly Hotel- really an amazing spot for cocktails (despite the fact that Ketel was $16 per glass. Oof). This is where the night took a southward turn. Some of us left the reception, and went over to Times Square, where my iPhone was promptly stolen off of a bartable. So, I was in a big city, no phone, no email, and most importantly, no map. To get back to my hotel, I wandered around a bit, and got very lost very quickly. Then my savior appeared- a black transvestite hooker with bleached blonde hair. After I declined the opportunity for a "date", he/she was nice enough to point me in the direction of my hotel. Now I guess I have my NYC story.

The next day, following the rest of the tasting, I took a cab over to Momofuku, and had an absolutely killer Ramen bowl with pork belly, scallops, and a poached egg. That was followed by a cab ride to the Spotted pig- quite possibly the coolest bar in America. One long, uncomfortable plane ride, and I was home. It was a heck of an adventure, but I'm plenty content with our decision to live in the Midwest. There's just no place to get away quietly in NYC.

In other sports news, I just got off the phone with Cris Cherry of Villa Creek winery, and I will be carrying their wines. Their winery profile to come tomorrow.

Tonight, it's Blues Music and a picnic dinner at the Botanical Gardens. Cheers!