Friday, July 23, 2010

Pappys lays the smack down, name mistake

First of all, let me say that yesterday, I made a mistake. I called the place we got the terrible ribs from "Pig N Pit" when it was actually "Pork N Pit." Oops.

Yesterday afternoon, my brother and I headed into Pappy's in Saint Louis. One sign that a BBQ place is going to be good is when there's a line of at least 30 people waiting- at 2:00 in the afternoon on a Thursday! I must admit that I am a little bit biased when it comes to this place, as I have probably eaten there a dozen times over the last couple of years. I really, really like it. Plus, I think that Mike Emerson, the owner, is a great businessman that runs a true, clean, honest spot. He isn't trying to make it something that it's not. He also didn't see his success over the last couple of years, and try to open 4 more outposts, diluting the efforts of the original.

To say that the ribs blew the previous ones away is an understatement. They had a beautiful smoke ring in them, and just the right amount of "snap". I once heard that a rib should be tender, but still show the shape of your bite when you pull it away from your mouth. These did that, and had just the right amount of spice that you almost don't even need sauce on them. The pulled pork (not Kevin's favorite dish at any BBQ mecca) was moist, flavorful, and uniformly pulled. How in the world does Pappys do that? I have tried so many times to get my pork at home this consistency, always to fail. The ancillary items were just as delicious- I actually recommend the smoked chicken. It's killer!

So, if you are in the Saint Louis area, I would highly recommend this place. It's a bit tough to find- give me a call, I might give you directions.


  1. enjoying your posts on meat since I, too live with a BBQ aficionado:)

  2. is that the one on grand and, like, lindell? if so, we were thinking of going there but went to pho grand (obviously not bbq) instead.

  3. I think we should all agree to stop talking about how much we love Pappy's. The lines are getting too long in that place. ;)

    I was in a bar near Wrigley after the baseball game this weekend wearing my Pappy's shirt and someone ran up to me and screamed "I LOVE PAPPY'S!" which I thought was awesome.