Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A wine to watch the Cards win with

Okay, so I'm a Red Sox fan. However, since I live in Saint Louis, and they are in the National League, I have started paying attention to the Cardinals. Baseball isn't a religion in our household, more like something to have on in the background, or to flip to when I get tired of watching Mad Men reruns. I do like watching good games, and also having a glass of decent wine with it.

Yesterday I was showing the Sacred Stone by Pietra Santa winery around, and I was trying to come up with a way to describe it, showing that it is a relaxed, easy-to-drink wine, with zero pretension, and that you don't have to pay a ton for. I was going to say a "wine to drink while eating a slice of pizza and watching CSI", but I've used that one before, and CSI is starting to majorly slide in my opinion. I got stuck mid-sentence saying "It's a wine to drink while eating a slice of pizza and watching....." Brain Freeze. My customer finished my sentence for me "...the Cardinals win." Score! That's exactly what this wine is for! It's a delicious blend of Merlot, Sangiovese, Carignan, and Dolcetto from Pietra Santa's estate vineyards in the Cienega Valley (inland from Monterey in California). It sees 2 years in oak, and is big, juicy, and fun to drink.

So, go out and grab yourself a bottle (should be around $10- available at Wine and Cheese Places, and Friar Tuck), crack it, and watch Pujols crank one into the upper deck.


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