Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to the old

I came across a realization this morning- When I turned on Pandora on my laptop, it didn't yell at me. You see, when I was spending a lot of time at my office, I was constantly on the verge of crossing that 40-hours per month limit that Pandora lets you listen to free music. Pandora would "yell" at me, giving me the choice of either paying for unlimited service, or turning it off. This morning, I looked at my account, and I have 37 free hours left. Wow. This means that I have been spending significantly less time at my office, since that is usually my music source of choice.

I also realized that this blog has been a lot about me and the new company- probably not the most enthralling reading for those of you who simply want to know a little more about wine and the restaurant scene in St Louis.

Today I will attempt to go "old school" on you, and teach briefly about wine. The lesson today will be about Ribera Del Duero. Translated "Duero River", this is the area in Northern Spain surrounding....wait for it.....the Duero River. This particular area is midway between Madrid and the Atlantic Coast of the Bay of Biscay. Much like Rioja, Ribera del Duero is well known for the Tempranillo grape (which is sometimes locally called Tinta del Pais). The most magnificent examples of this cherry-flavored, dusty-noted grape can go for hundreds of dollars per bottle. However, you can also find inexpensive versions. Check out the Torremoron, available at Sam's Steakhouse, for a great version that is a wonderful cross between Old World earthiness and New World tannins and fruit.

Drink something good today, and let me know all about it.


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