Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Franco, Monarch, etc

Yesterday, after defending the friends of mine that are in bi-racial couples, or have other-race children that they have adopted (long story, I'll tell it again sometime on here), I was in the need for a good bit of food and beverage. The Mrs and I headed over to the hard-to-find, but worth it, doors of Franco. There, TJ whipped up some magnificent cocktails for us, and we ordered some apps. The scallops were perfectly cooked, the pate was freaking delicious, and the chicken sausage was perfect for the upper-80's weather.
We then headed over to the newly remodeled Monarch, which was even more of a pleasant surprise. They have changed it so the area by the bar is sort of southern style comfort food. 7 of us had just about one of everything, and some killer wines. I highly recommend the Crawfish Bread (sort of like a cajun Hot Pocket), the praline bacon, and the shrimp and grits. Truth be told, there wasn't a bad thing on the table. Several friends endorse the Gumbo Dog- a foot long hot dog, served in a po' boy bun, and covered with gumbo. The prices are right, too. Our tab, with an app or two, two entrees, two desserts, and a bottle of wine was less than $100. I like the addition of the several televisions in the bar- I can envision myself grabbing a po' boy and watching Monday Night Football there very, very soon.

Drink something good today- You're worth it.


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