Friday, October 23, 2009


So, I'm grumpy today. Last night, buddy of mine and I went to Growler's in Sunset Hills to get a beer and a quick bite to eat. What I thought was going to be an $18 event has now cost me at least $300. This is because, upon getting to my car afterwards, we discovered that the back window had been broken out, and my Sip of Knowledge cell phone was stolen. Besides the fact that I am trying to save as much cash as I can for a project I am working on, it's just an irritation having to get the window fixed (right now, I'm totally riding hoosier style with syran wrap all over it), get a new cell phone, vacuum broken glass out of my car, etc.

At least the beer was good at Growler's.

Enough negative vibe- tonight we have a meeting of the Saint Louis Chapter of the Super Secret Double Probation Dining Club. That's right, you don't know about it...because it's secret. Are you jealous? Each person/couple cooks a course, and brings a drink to match it. I'm making a ancho chile bittersweet chocolate creme brulee, and pairing it with a desert drink that has Patron cafe tequila, creme de cacao, and cream. Now I know you are jealous! I will give a full report on Monday, with dishes that were made and drink pairings.

Have a great weekend folks.



  1. Oof. I know that kind of irritation!

    On a different note, your dessert & drink both sound incredible! You're right, I'm a little bit jealous.

  2. It was a bad situation.

    ON the bright side, the creme brulee and drink went to come tomorrow.