Friday, October 16, 2009

My dream meal...

I texted my sweet bride this morning, and asked her what I should blog about today. Her first response was "The most fun you've ever had with your family". I don't want to bore people with a vacation story from Mexico where we ate good food, caught fish, and got sunburned. Her second response was "If you could eat anywhere in the world, with anyone in the world, what would that meal be?" This I like. I'm assuming money is no object, and that I need to pick people that are alive (hey, it might happen...who knows.)

The guest list:
My Wife
My Parents/Inlaws
My Brother, sister, and respective spouses (Sorry, nieces and nephew- kid free zone)
A couple of my good friends (I'm not naming names, so as to keep the peace. If you think you are at the table, then sure- I was thinking of you.)
Kevin Zraly, wine expert and nice guy
My old bosses, BA and Rick Moore
Ron White (because he's hilarious)
Tim Tebow (the best college football player of all time- I just want to hang with him)
Brittney Spears (just to see what would happen)
Matthew McConaughey (to keep the ladies distracted)
Bar Refaeli (to keep the guys distracted)
Anthony Bourdain
My pastor (just to keep things somewhat under control)

...I'm sure if I made this same list tomorrow, it would be different, but that's what it is for right now.

The Setting:
a couple of long tables overlooking a vineyard in France at sunset

The Chefs:
Each course prepared by a different chef, including Thomas Keller, Eric Ripert, Stephanie Izard, Guy Fieri (yes, I'm serious- I actually want to meet the guy), Charlie Trotter, Gerard Craft, Josh Galliano, Kevin Willman, Chris Schlesinger, and a host of others

The Menu:
Each chef prepares two dishes- their "best" dish no holds barred, and their favorite dish to make. All dishes served family style. There would be copious amounts of beef, foie, truffles, cheese, duck, etc, etc, etc.

The Wines:
I wouldn't pair wine with each course- too restricting. Instead, Doug Frost would be there to serve and talk about:
Buckets of Champagne
plenty of different vintages of Mosel Riesling
lots of White Burgundy
lots of Red Burgundy
loads of Chateauneuf- ready to drink of course
gobs of Cabernet
Some Syrah
for dessert- Sauternes and a vertical of vintage ports.

That's it. It almost gives me heartburn thinking about it. See you there!


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