Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wine and movies

These are two of my favorite things. Obviously, you know that I'm a wine fanatic. However, I'm also a fan of great movies. I like the Indy-type stuff, and big budget stuff.
With that in mind, I'm going to offer wine suggestions for what to drink while watching some of my favorite movies of all time. I hope you enjoy, and your comments are welcomed!

Godfather 1 and 2 (not 3):
Obviously, something Italian. Because this is a long movie, no matter which one you watch, you need something to sip- not gulp. Because Vito Corleone is from Sicily, I'm thinking that's the best way to go. Red, not white, leads us to Nero d'Avola. Pick out a producer at your local market, this will be a medium bodied, easy to drink, inexpensive red.

It's a love story, a war story, and everything else. You need a wine that is rustic and complex, and also not to expensive (William Wallace despised all things of Royalty). I'm going to go with Boreaux, but not one of the big houses. Get a Bordeaux appellation, not one of the high-dollar guys.- probably made from mostly Merlot. Check out Chateau de la Taille, or Chateau Courlat.

Public Enemies-
My first inclination is to suggest whiskey, because that's what John Dillinger drank. However, the style of this movie calls for Champagne. Try A. Margaine demi-sec. The slightly sweet, sultrty bubbly will make you want to rob a bank, but do it in style.

The Hangover-
Don't drink anything serious, because it will likely shoot out of your nose when you laugh during this movie. You also need to consume copious amounts if you are staying in the vein of this flick, so start with an inexpensive white (Crios Torrontes), and then gulp down some inexpensive but good tasting red (Ben Marco Malbec).

This movie should charge you up, and make you want to shout your barbaric yawp over the rooftops of the world. Drink a wine that is applicable- Tikal Patriota. Plus, when you are finished with the bottle, you can use it as a weapon to help bring down the Roman Empire.

Fool's Gold or Music and Lyrics-
Before you say anything, I'm listing these movies because they are some of the only "chick-flicks" that my wife and I can watch together without one of us complaining. Start with something light and easy to drink, maybe Mosel Riesling. Then move into something a bit more (but not too) substantial- how about some Oregon Pinot.

Star Wars-
We all have it memorized, so you can pay a bit more attention to the wine. Chateauneuf.

Raiders of the Lost Ark-
Again, you know the movie backwards and forwards. Maybe red Burgundy.

Red Dawn-
Gentlemen, this one is for you because theres a 99% chance that your wives will leave the room anyway. Nothing says "Wolverines" quite like big, bad, bold California Cab. Give Snowden or Nicholson Jones a try.

What do you all think?

Cheers- tomorrow we talk the Italian islands.

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