Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Honey, can we make this for Thanksgiving?

This is the recipe for a "Russian Doll" style dish- basically a Turducken that is way, way over the top. I have no idea what wine to pair with this thing- maybe just Pepto. In fact, I don't know what about half of the things in the dish are. It sounds crazy though. This is taken from Schott's Food and Drink Miscellany, and the recommended cooking time is "Roasting for 18 hours".

Stuff a large olive with Capers and a clove.
Place the olive inside a bec-figue.
Place the bec-figue inside an ortolan.
Place the ortolan inside a Lark.
Wrap the lark in vine leaves and place inside a large thrush.
Place the thrush inside a plump quail.
Wrap the Quail in bacon, and place inside a plover.
Place the Plover inside a lapwing.
Place the lapwing inside a partridge.
Place the partridge inside a woodcock.
Place the woodcock inside a barded teal.
Place the Teal inside a well-hung guinea fowl.
Garnish the guinea fowl, and place inside a duck.
Place the duck inside a plump chicken.
Place the chicken inside a large, high pheasant.
Place the Pheasant inside a goose.
Place the goose inside a large turkey.
Place the Turkey inside an enormous Bustard.

Who's in? You bring the plover, the lapwing, and the barded teal. I'll bring the chicken, the duck, and the turkey.

Cheers everyone, have a great day!


  1. Yikes. I appreciate the olive/caper detail though. I'm sure thats what transforms the recipe from ordinary to sublime.

  2. I will give a free case of wine to anyone that attempts this thing, and invites me over to eat it.

  3. my husband has been asking me to make a turducken for months, but that recipe takes the cake!