Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What this city needs...

You probably think that I'm going to give a solution to the poverty, racism, abuse of imminent domaine, and provel cheese that run rampant in this city. I'm not. Instead, I'm going to give someone the chance to make a million dollars. That's right, if you are an investor with a bunch of cash, just looking for the right idea, here it is.

My idea actually spurred from two different conversations. The first one was with a buddy of mine whose wife just graduated cosmetology school (that's where you cut hair, right?). We were talking about how it would be great for there to be a place in Clayton kind of like the Hair Saloon for Men, but kicked up even a notch. A place where a guy could go, get a haircut, a straight razor shave, and also where there would be big leather chairs, martinis, brandy, a library, tv's quietly showing sports or the news, etc. They would even be able to run tabs, and pay up once a month. I really think guys would pay for the chance to get a shave and have their shoes shined in a clubby atmosphere over their lunch hour.

The second conversation came when I went to go play pool with a neighbor of mine. Because we live in South County, our options were limited. The bar we ended up at was dark, dirty, loud, smoky, had crappy equipment, didn't take debit cards, and served Busch Beer. It's just not the scene I'm into anymore. I want a place where you can actually converse with the person you are playing pool against, don't leave smelling like American Spirits, and can buy a decent beverage.

So, here's the opportunity- Someone needs to open a place where you can do both. I'm talking all out- dark wood, leather, paintings of hounds chasing foxes, poker tables, cigar rooms, the whole deal. You could get that hair trimmed, or play a couple games of billiards. You could also get a glass of real beer. The place wouldn't need to serve dinner, but candied walnuts would be nice. I know this sounds like a country club, or like the Racquet Club on Kingshiway. The trouble is, most guys my age want this type of thing, we just can't foot the tens of thousands of dollars to join the aforementioned establishments. I would say that it should be an affordable place to go, without taking on the vibe of a sports bar.

Who's in?

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  1. At the Pink Gallion you can get a decent cocktail/beer, play on some nice tables and not leave smelling like an ash tray. As for the clubby haircuts, you got me there. But there are places you can get a beer while you get worked on...or wine if you're so inclined. Davis' Hair Salon in Oaktown is one such place...