Monday, November 30, 2009

Post Thanksgiving Thoughts...

It has been a few days since my last blog, and quite a bit has happened. We traveled to Kansas to spend some time with my family, and see my folk's beautiful new home. During this trip, I realized how quickly things change, and how other things stay exactly the same. For example, the last time I saw my nephew, he was barely crawling. Now, he's stumbling around like a little guy should. My nieces, that were just little rug rats in March when we went to Mexico have turned into little....people. Weird. In the "things stay the same" department, my grandmother still proclaims between entrees and dessert at Thanksgiving, "my goodness, it takes us so long to cook all this food, and we eat it so fast!" I'm not kidding, you could literally set the international atomic clock by it!

Changes- my brother, who doesn't drink, now reads my blog that focuses on wine.

Things stay the same- my father still refuses to watch KU Basketball, because it makes him "nervous and irritable."

Changes- we finally have enough ornaments to cover our entire tree (our first year of marriage, our angel was made from a Miller Lite can, and we filled the tree in with candy canes).

Things stay the same- one of my favorite moments of the year is, after I have hauled all of our decorations up from the basement and unpacked all of them, sitting back with a glass of champagne and watching my beautiful bride put ornaments on the tree.

This was also a weekend of ups and downs emotion wise- I got two completely unsolicited but needed compliments from friends, but I also found out that another dear friend is getting a divorce. One friend is launching out into an exciting new career, and another is spending a lonely holiday contemplating his mistakes.

I will reiterate what I said that I'm thankful for- I have a wonderful wife that supports me, and I'm really happy with the life that we have set up here in Saint Louis.
I must add that I am so happy to have found a great circle of friends that we can share the holidays with, and probably drink some good wine!

Enjoy the weather, folks. Winter is here.


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