Monday, November 2, 2009

Various Thoughts from the Weekend

From Friday Night (worked as sommelier at the Entre Underground Restaurant):
-It's amazing what the clandestine chef can do with such little resources.
-Sometimes solving a problem is as easy as looking around, seeing who isn't doing anything, and sending them to fix it for you.
-Pork Belly may be the end of me
-Just because you are about 118 years old doesn't give you the right to rudely interrupt a chef's verbal presentation of a dish. 3 times.
-Besides good wine, sometimes PBR is the right choice.

From Saturday:
-SoCo's Gyros are really, really good.
-Evidently, according to my friend, block parties are different in Missouri than they are in California.
-Allowing your 11 year old boy to dress up like a female hooker is disturbing, and just plain wrong.
-I have a neighbor that looks just like Gene Simmons with full makeup on.
-Dear ignorant other neighbor- when you piled burning embers in the middle of the street and caused a pot hole last year, I'm fairly certain that the same action will have the same result this year. That's why I snapped at you. I don't like my tax dollars paying for your drunken stupidity.
-The end of daylight savings time should always fall on a weekend that includes a block party- it makes getting up for church on Sunday much easier (I have to stay up late, and make sure that Dumb and Dumber don't burn my house down.)

From Sunday:
-Rams fans are very fair weathered. Folks, they won- quit complaining.
-Two sermons in one day can be a bit much.
-Dear lady at my tasting- Just because there was red wine in your glass doesn't mean it is tarnished, and can never hold white wine in it. Just rinse it out like everyone else does.
-Dear guy at my tasting wearing black jeans, red burgundy mock turtleneck, and black vest- NO.
-Veritas is a wonderful little business, run by great people. Everyone from Saint Louis that reads this should go there, look around, and buy something.

That's all I got for today. Regarding wine, if you can find it check out the Montes "Folly" Syrah- it is big, dark, jammy, and chewy. Great for a cold autumn night.

Cheers, and enjoy this weather folks!


  1. "Dear guy at my tasting wearing black jeans, red
    burgundy mock turtleneck, and black vest- NO."

    The same thing goes to the man in the black sweater that he borrowed from his sister...

    The Montes Folly was great!

  2. We met you at Friday's Clandestine dinner. Great wine pairings (pumpkin soup was my fav).

    Our son is the expeditor/sorta "sous chef" at Veritas on the weekends, so thanks for the kind words. What a gem, especially for Chesterfield, where not much exists for foodies/winos.

  3. Clair- True!

    Dphelabaumevans- It was great to meet you as well. Thank you for the support!