Monday, November 9, 2009

Thoughts from the weekend...

This last weekend, I worked at the underground restaurant ( as a sommelier on both Friday and Saturday nights. For those that thing being a sommelier is all fancy wines and great food, I would disagree. It involves lugging cases of wine up and down several flights of stairs, digging around in dirty basements to see what sort of inventory is really there, and getting pretty sweaty. Oh, and it comes with the added bonus of twisting your knee, and barely being able to walk the next day.
However, there is quite a bit of fancy wine and food involved, too- it ain't all bad! If you haven't been to one of the underground restaurants, you should check it out. This weekend was the first attempt at a more "fine dining" atmosphere, and I think they did really, really well. It wasn't cheap (ended up being roughly $150/person plus tip), but the food was amazing- it's crazy what those guys can do with lamb. The wine pairings were, ahem, pretty good too! I really like seeing people try something they have never tried before (this weekend, I rolled with Rivaner, a rose Cava, and even a white port), and really enjoying it!
Sunday, I watched Josh Freeman (former KC boy, and K State player) lead Tampa to a victory, and called my dad about the Wildcats beating the Jayhawks. No comment for you Mizzou fans out there. Oh, and I drank Bud Select after helping a friend move some furniture into my basement. (By the way, the friend also left a large portion of his gun supply and ammo. If you were thinking about breaking into my house and stealing my wife, my dog, or my wine, I would advise against it. We're even more heavily armed than before.)

Tonight, Carnivorale!
I really hope to see you there, it's going to be a great time! Undoubtedly my posts tomorrow will be a bit late, as I don't think this thing will get over until 2 or 3 a.m. This big boy will be sleeping in.

Have a great evening, and Cheers!

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