Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One single best bite

On Monday night, I had what was quite possibly the best single-bite dish that I have ever had in my life. An "amuse" is simply a one or two bite item, served by a chef at the beginning of a meal. The intent is to get your palate "primed" and ready to enjoy the meal you are about to consume. Most of you know that Monday night was Carnivorale, a One-Night-Only restaurant put on by some friends of mine that are amazing chefs. The 7 course meal was out of this world, but I want to focus on one bite- the first one.

It was a quail egg, cooked to perfection, topped with duck egg hollandaise, caviar, and shaved black truffles. One of the guys putting this on called it their "$20 spoonful", and he wasn't kidding. The cost of the ingredients alone was around that mark I'm sure. It was rich, succulent, a touch salty, and flat out delicious.

If I would have paired wine with it, I would have gone with Champagne. However, a spatlese level riesling was what was in my glass, and it did just fine!

Tomorrow, we study Left Bank Bordeaux.


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