Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Exciting times

So, the reason I'm so excited today (besides about 44 oz of coffee so far) is that I'm typing this on my brand new laptop, sitting at my desk in my new office for my new company. I'm slowly putting together a portfolio of awesome wines to be able to sell to my friends in the industry, and my wife is supportive of it all. These are great times, and I feel like I'm living the American dream. My dad is even learning distributor lingo like "FOB", "5 on 51", and "terms are net 30".

Last night, I took a new supplier around to a couple of my favorite spots- 33 wine bar, Taste, and Sidney St. Cafe. Please continue to support these places- they are locally owned, have incredible drink and food menus, and are part of why the STL food and drink scene is gaining national attention.

Tonight, it's patty melt night at the Harsha household- Sounds like a great reason to open a nice bottle of red.


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