Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Zane Lamprey coming to town

Aren't you excited? I am. Wait, you don't know who Zane Lamprey is? That's okay, I'll explain. He is the stand up comedian/actor/host that was on a show called Three Sheets that aired on MOJO (before it went out of business), and then later on FLN (which is now becoming the Cooking Channel). Most recently, episodes have been shown on Travel Channel, but it doesn't look likely that they will pick the show up for making more episodes. The premise of the show is that Zane travels all around the world, learning the customs involving drinking wherever he goes. The first time you watch the show, you'll probably think it's goofy. Then you will be slowly drawn in, much like the tractor beams on the Death Star, and you will never turn back. The show is insightful, and full of information.

Zane is currently touring the country doing a comedy act called "Drinking made easy", and will be filming for a show on HD Net, which will air in September by the same name. I think that some of us fans of "sippin" should head down to the Firebird on June 25, and welcome him to the Lou. Tickets are $20.

Who's in?

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