Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fantastic weekend

Hey friends,
Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was helping friends pick up 1100 lbs of beef. Seriously.

Anyway, this last weekend was a really good one for Sippin Saint Louis. It started on Friday night, when the mrs and I had a bottle of sparkling rose, and watched the storm roll in. About the time we heard the 3rd tornado siren, we headed to the basement. This resulted in drinking Portuguese red wine, and playing Yahtzee (I was victorious) until the weather chilled out. Fun night!

Saturday night was fun in a different sort of way- I had a friend invite me to his house for mint juleps, and to watch the Derby. As a side note, is the winner "Super Saver" sponsored by a coupon company or something? Just sayin'. This was followed by going to "Fight Night" at another friends house. All guys, all big steaks on the grill, all fantastic red wines. Here's the line-up we had:

06 Montepeloso Eneo
99 Paolo Scavino "Bric del Fiasc" Barolo
98 Tenuta La Poderina Brunello
01 E&E Shiraz
06 Tempier Bandol
99 Dunn Cab (Are these wines EVER ready to drink?)
02 Jacky Truchot Morey St. Denis
95 Remirez de Ganuza Rioja Reserva (out of magnum)
06 Glaetzer Anaparenna Shiraz
95 Beaucastel CdP
96 Chateau d'Ampuis Cote Rotie (easily wine of the night)
95 Tommasi Amarone
95 Insignia (drank like silk)
97 Armstrong Shiraz (the most menthol/eucalyptus I have ever tasted in a wine)
05 Booker Vertigo (Eliot, Bill, and Tony would love this wine- Syrah based, and massive)
03 Giorgio Primo Toscana
07 Lucia Gary's Vineyard Pinot (this wine is just plain delicious)
01 Ojai Santa Rita Hills Pinot

As you can see, there wasn't a dog in the bunch. Thanks to Bill for this invite- I really enjoyed it.

Y'all have a great week- drink something good for Wine Wednesday!


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