Tuesday, May 11, 2010

French Press- There IS a Difference

Many of you know that my sweet wife got me a really nice Bodum french coffee press for my birthday last month. I really looked into how to use the thing, asking some of my "coffee geek" friends for advice. I now have my morning system down, and rather enjoy the cups of coffee that it produces- they are dark, rich, full of flavor, and don't have a hint of bitterness.

Today, out of sheer laziness, I dumped the remaining scoops of coffee from my Kaldi bag into my regular coffee maker, threw some water in, and pressed "ON". Mistake. The coffee that came out was watery, a touch metallic, insipid, and bitter. Oh Lord. I'm already a snob about wine, shoes, and steaks. Now, do I have to add Coffee to the list?

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