Thursday, May 20, 2010

Laptops, and licenses, and warehouses, oh my!

My appologies for not posting every day this week. As it turns out, starting your own company takes a lot of work and time! Here's where we stand, though at Epiphany Wines. I received my Federal permit today, which is a huge step. I have also procured warehouse and office space. The County signed off on my re-occupancy permit and my merchant's license. I have submitted my paperwork for my county liquor license, but that could take several weeks to get. After I get that, I can apply for my state license. Whew! Besides all of the paperwork stuff, it's also necessary to work on website design, get phones installed, get insurance, buy office supplies and a computer, work on the website, get business cards made up, get shirts made, etc, etc, etc! Oh yeah, I also have to get wineries to sign with me, so I have something to sell! This is an exciting time, and I'm happy to be doing the work.

In other news, I tried the "Lucy" rose last night, from the makers of Lucia. It's pinot noir based, and delicious. I got it at Sasha's- go check it out.


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