Thursday, May 6, 2010

Get Thee to Five

Last night I was reminded how much I really enjoy Five Restaurant. It is at the corner of Dagget and Hereford on the Hill, but isn't a "Hill Restaurant". Nope, no red and white checkered tablecloths, wicker-covered chianti bottle candle holders, or menus covered in plastic at this joint. Anthony Devoti and his crew are kicking out American food with a touch of French flair, and they really make an effort to source locally and organically.

I think the thing that I love about this place is the fact that it is truly a family venture. I walked in, and immediately Anthony's dad and mom said hello, and the bartender Glenn started making me a drink. Even though they had closed the kitchen down, they still brought out a killer charcuterie plate when the Mrs arrived. You just don't get that type of welcome and service at most places.

So, I charge you- get out to visit Five sometime soon.

As a side note, we did wander up to Guido's after we left Five, as we were still hungry. This is a funky place- they serve Spanish Tapas, and quasi-Italian food. We got a goat cheese appetizer that was decent, and a thin crust pizza that was pretty good. Definitely check it out, if you are within walking distance at 10:00 on a week night.

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  1. I love Five, but haven't been to the new location yet. Love everything about that place. Love the parents at the door, love the food. Love the the menu is small and well executed. The tasting menu is one of the best deals in town as far as I am concerned.

    I'm surprised that people aren't always talking about this place.