Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My New Toy, Getcha some Ice Cream

Last weekend was my birthday, and my parents were really nice in the gift that they sent to me. When they had visited a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that through Sip of Knowledge (my wine consulting company) I want to teach a class called "What's That Smell?". This class would aid people in training their noses to identify the different aromas that can be found in a glass of wine. To help, my parents bought me a kit that has 36 different vials- each having the essence of a particular note that can be found in wine. There are vials that smell like butter, oak, raspberry, peach, yeast, etc. It's a really neat little tool that can be used in teaching, and I'm excited to use it!

In other sports news, if you live in Kansas City, go check out a place called Heres Your Scoop in South Lee's Summit. This is an ice cream shop owned by a guy named Greg Berry that my parents met at a cooking class. Greg has developed some really great flavors including Oatmeal Cookie that just took 4th in a national competition and Beer and Peanuts that early field scouting reports indicate is a winner. Greg was mentored by a woman named Becky Jacobs, who owns Serendipity Ice Cream here in Saint Louis. If his ice cream is anything like Becky's, then it's fantastic!

I'm on vacation this week, so I'm trying to blog consistently. However, sometimes sleeping in prevails. Also, I have added a couple of new blogs that I read to the list on the right- check out Merridith's blog "The Fabulous Food Fanatic", and also cool cat Kelli's blog "South City Confidential".


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