Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wine Reco- Rudi Wiest Riesling

Folks, riesling season is officially upon us. Although I would contend that riesling season is ALWAYS on us, this is the time of year that it makes the most sense. Riesling (and rose) are perfect for those days when you want to kick back for a long lunch on a patio, or go deep into the night with wine that doesn't have a ton of alcohol in it. My recommendation today is the Rudi Wiest Rhein River Riesling. Alliteration aside, it is a delicious bottle of wine. It is also perfect for those of you that say things like "I don't like riesling- it's too sweet" or "I only get the stuff in the blue bottle". The wine is made for Rudi (an importer from Chicago) by a dude named Fritz Hasselbeck, out of Germany. Fritz is the winemaker at another project called Gunderloch, has a love for motorcycles and Hooters hotwings, and is also the only person to ever achieve three separate 100-point scores in the Wine Spectator. In other words, he can make some serious wine. He has a good relationship with Rudi, so he makes the wine, Rudi puts his name on the label, and they sell it here for around $12 retail. It has fantastic green apple, lemon zest, and slate notes, with just enough sweetness to make it a crowd-pleaser. Try it, like it, tell your friends.

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