Friday, April 16, 2010

Seeing Coffee in a new light

It's funny, just because this blog is called "Sippin' Saint Louis", a lot of people automatically assume it's just about booze. Yes, I am in the wine industry, and yes, I tend to be a fan of wine, really good whiskey, and most beer. I started a wine blog, but my wife has always made fun of the fact that I almost always have a glass, cup, or bottle of some kind of liquid within arm's reach: be it water, Diet Mountain Dew, coffee, wine, milk, Fresca, Iced Tea, or any other possible refreshment. I have lately begun to depend on one particular liquid for my ability to get through the day. For my birthday, my wife got me a really nice French Press for coffee. Bingo! I used to be an equal opportunist with coffee- the junk from Quick Trip was just as likely to be in my mug as something from Kaldi's or Goshen. This little press has changed my views on it a little.

I went out and got some Kaldi's Fair Trade Organic French Roast coffee, and started experimenting. I then talked to a guy that works there, and he gave me the following procedure:

Boil water,

Take water off of heat for 30 seconds, allowing the water to get to 2oo degrees

Meanwhile, put 10 g of coffee into the press for each 6 oz of coffee you want to drink

Set timer for 4:30, press start

Pour just enough water to cover the grounds- this allows the grounds to "bloom" and release CO2.

With 2:00 left on the timer, fill the rest of the press up with water.

When timer goes off, use a spoon to scrape foam off of top, and stir once.

Plunge the press.

Pour, and enjoy.

I do have to say that this process makes a really good cup of coffee, and Ihave started really enjoying my mornings reading while sipping the java.

This weekend will provide plenty to write about next week, with my family reunion (which last year consisted of tattoos, guns, and tobacco- and that was just the women) and also my father's birthday and retirement party on Saturday and Sunday.

Have a great weekend- Drink something good.


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