Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ponies and Butterflies

I titled today's post that, because my wife told me to blog about Ponies and Butterflies. I really don't have much to say about either subject- Ponies are what little girls want for Christmas, but rarely get. Butterflies are fine. I have heard that the flapping of their wings affects the tides in Japan, or something like that.

Now on to business. If you haven't heard, tonight is Dining Out for Life- an annual event where local restaurants give a portion (sometimes up to 100%) of their sales of one night to benefit AIDS research. Reservations are tough to get, and most restaurants are packed, but it's a good reason to go out and eat, and feel good about it at the same time. Check out for more info.

Also check out Andrew Mark Veety's blog (listed on the side)- he is on a quest to find Saint Louis' best hamburger, and reviews McGurk's.

Lastly, on to Sippin' stuff. We have decided to make Wednesdays into "Wine Wednesday", and open a nice bottle of wine with dinner. The first bottle I opened was a 2004 Neyers Tofanelli Zinfandel, but it was corked. Secondly, I opened a 2001 Rodano Chianti Classico Reserva. It was delicious, with a really cool note of dried roses on the nose. Go find some, you'll enjoy it.

That's all folks, Cheers.

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